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Welcome to Armed Citizen Training LLC

The security of your family is in your hands:

  • How would you protect your family if there was a threat in your home?

  • What would you need to ensure the maximum security for your family, should the unthinkable happen?

Scott Jenkins of Armed Citizen Training is committed to providing exceptional education and the training necessary to individuals interested in Firearm Safety, Concealed Carry, and Personal Protection.

Scott is a NRA Certified Instructor, MA State Police Certified Instructor, NRA Certified Range Safety Officer, and a NH Fish & Game Chief Instructor, Hunter Education.

Why is it important to train and prepare for a situation we pray will never happen? Having a firearm for personal protection is the right of every American. What we do with that right is up to the individual.

Having a disciplined state of mind, the range training, and a firearm gives us the ability to change the course of events in a situation in which we feel our life or the life of another is threatened. 

The split second decision to protect your life or the life of another can come with lifelong consequences.  

There are only three outcomes of a deadly force situation:

  1. You respond by engaging your training and using the tools and skills you have built for a positive outcome.

  2. You do nothing and live with the result of someone else’s actions.

  3. You respond without thought, never having trained or prepared your mind for such an event.

What kind of gun owner are you?

Safe firearm handling will be at the forefront of every firearms course.   Instruction will consist of the five safety rules for firearm handling, safety rules of the range. Proper grip, stance, draw, sight alignment, sight picture, trigger pull and follow through.

Courses are available to certify students with an NRA certification. See our course outlines for more information on NRA firearms certifications.

Be pro-active. 

Be confident. 

Train Hard, Be Safe. 

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After every emergency event or even after those worrisome 'close calls' everyone admits more preparation and more training would have helped.  


At A.C.T. you will learn, for example, universal firearm safety rules, how to present your weapon rapidly, and how to deliver well placed shots. 


You will learn how to clear all malfunctions and how to perform tactical and emergency reloads.   And much, much more should you ever decide to shoot in a lethal force encounter.


You owe it to yourself and your loved ones to make “good hits”. You’re responsible for every round you fire. So doesn’t it make sense to receive some firearms training that will make you more proficient, competent, and less of a liability should you decide to shoot?



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